In an effort to make you ensure your safety and comfort, we offer many options to transact your business.

Our office is now fully open, though we ask that you wear a mask in the reception area for the safety of our staff.

We offer the following options for those that wish to avoid unnecessary contact:

If you wish to upload your tax documents to us, please email or call to let us know and we will email a link that will allow you to set up a secure account to upload your information.

If you wish to mail your information, please do so via a tracking service to ensure it arrives.

When your return is complete, you will receive a phone call or email with instructions.

We offer electronic signature forms for the federal and state returns. The local can be emailed to you to print and mail, or you may opt to go to the local website and file online.

We can also ship your return to you via Priority Mail or UPS. There will be an additional cost added to your bill of $10.00 to $15.00, depending on our cost. We are not charging for handling, just the postage.

Please stay safe and healthy and thank you for being a client.

Warm regards,

Kleinhenz & Company LLP

(610) 432-9417